Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wedding Cupcakes

A few months ago, I contacted Fremantle Markets, asking how I would go about having a stall there once a month. After lots of searching for the perfect market stall accessories (benches, hand-wash sinks, cupcake stands) and getting all the correct permits, I was ready to start selling! It was all very exciting.

A lady and her son came up to my stall and asked me if I made wedding cupcakes. I was in shock. I had never made wedding cupcakes before, and didn't even know where to begin! She bought a box of cupcakes, and said she would email me. When I got to work on Monday, sitting in my inbox was an email from Alex.

She said that her family enjoyed my cupcakes so much, that she was hoping I could make her some for her wedding on the 5th of September 2009.

Some test cupcakes

Today I delivered them to her. The whole way there I had butterflies in my tummy. I wasn't sure what to expect. Foolishly, I didn't think to make extras, and a few fell over in the car on the way there. Luckily they weren't ruined! Next time i'll make sure to bring a repair kit of some kind, and make extras!!

The ones they picked
Vanilla Cupcakes, with vanilla buttercream, gold pearl cachous.
Hearts made of ivory coloured fondant - 1 embossed with lace, 1 with a gold-hand painted raised swirl.
Chocolate cupcakes, with chocolate buttercream, malteasers, gold pearl cachous.

I hope Alex & Terry had a wonderful day, and I wish them all the happiness in the world.

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